As a parent or guardian of a participant in activities offered by Olympia Gymnastics I am fully aware of and appreciate the risks associated with participation in gymnastics activities and events.

As conditions of the participation of the participant(s) described above (‘my child’) in any of the programs conducted by Olympia Gymnastics, including but not limited to tumbling, gymnastics, and physical training, I agree to the following: I waive any claim for bodily injury, personal injury, or property damage against Olympia Gymnastics, its affiliated companies or subsidiaries and Olympia Gymnastics directors, employees, owners, lessors of the premises and any equipment used in connection with any programs of Olympia Gymnastics arising out of my child’s participation in any of the programs or events of Olympia Gymnastics whether on or off Olympia Gymnastics premises, or travel for the purpose of participating in any such programs or events. I understand that this waiver extends to injuries incurred by any member of my family, including my child identified above, myself, or any other family member. This agreement shall remain in effect as long as and whenever our child participates in any activity related to Olympia Gymnastics.


If this agreement is not effective in waiving liability on behalf of my child, myself, or any other family member I further agree to indemnify Olympia Gymnastics for its liability including all costs, fees, and expenses incurred in connection with such liability.


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