Competitive Acrobatic

competitive acro provincial champs action portraits 2023
competitive provincial acro champs action portraits 2023

ACRO involves competitive units of two or three gymnasts who perform holds and throws, flexibility, balance, tumbling and agility elements. ACRO is a unique gymnastics discipline in that there is no single “best” body type. Because of the different roles in ACRO, there’s a place for any and everyone to excel. ACRO requires individual athletic attributes like flexibility, balance, strength and power, but most of all it requires a tremendous amount of trust between members of the unit. Together we work hard and play hard to foster that trust.

Olympia offers competitive opportunities for girls training 5.5 hours (2 days) per week and 8 hours (3 days) per week who compete at provincial, up to national, levels.

Participation in competitive ACRO is by invitation/try-out only. Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more.

nineteen acrobatics athletes in various poses

Please Note

  • A $45.00 Ontario Gymnastics Federation fee must be paid once every year upon registration. (July 1st, 2024 – June 30th, 2025)
  • A class needs a minimum of three participants to run.
  • There is a $40.00 administration fee for bounced cheques.
  • There is a $75.00 administration fee per participant for withdrawing from a program prior to the start date
  • Overpayments as : multiple times GO fees, incorrect programs selection, etc. will not be reimbursed and will go in the credit to be used at the next registration.

Refund Policy

All membership fees are non-refundable. The only exception to this is in the event the athlete has a medical condition which prevents him/her from participating in the program, as supported by a medical certificate. In such event, any applicable refund will be pro-rated based on the number of sessions attended prior to the injury. For all eligible refunds, your original receipt is required.

An injury which occurred outside of our facility does not qualify as a medical condition for a refund. Instead, a credit will be offered for ONE year.

NO refunds or cancellations will take effect due to mandated closures ordered by the government. Credits ONLY.

Registration Form

Click here to download the Registration Form.

Complete the form, mail the form or drop it off.

We accept cash, cheque, credit and E-transfer.

Please make cheques payable to Olympia Gymnastics.

Please send E-transfers to

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