Olympia Training Center has moved operations to Olympia Gymnastics in September 2015!

Our sport culture has begun to change to accept that many children will begin to develop physical literacy at a young age, which will then enable them to move on to other sports. Our training facility was created and centered around the Sport Canada Long Term Athlete Development principles:

  • To improve the level of physical preparation in athletes
  • To assist in developing a more "rounded" athlete using all areas of basic movement to increase basic skills
  • To provide young athletes with a good base for future development
  • Our training places an emphasis on qualities applicable to any sport, such as strength, power, flexibility, endurance and speed.

    At last, cheerleaders and dancers have the opportunity to improve tumbling skills in a safe environment under the supervision of nationally certified coaches. Participants can choose to focus on tumbling, acro and/or trampoline skills, benefitting from superior equipment and advanced training aids.

    Our Available Equipment

  • Xtreme Tumble Trak (40' x 6')

  • Trampolines

    1 x 11' x 17'

    2 x 11' x 11'

    1 x circular 8' diameter (doubles as fitness wheel)

  • Air Gym Equipment

    Fitness Wheel, 6' x 18' Air Floor, Air Barrel and Orbiter

  • Developmental Aids

    Booster Blocks, Balance Disks, Sliders, Incline Progressive Skill Builder

  • Training Bars

    Foster Bars, Parallet Bars, Floor Bars, Open Shoulder Trainers, Bar Pads