As a Gymnastics Ontario member club, Olympia Gymnastics follows the USAG Junior Olympic Program, developed with the belief that all athletes must have a solid foundation of basic skills in order to advance safely. This program also allows the gymnasts to advance at their own pace.

Pre-Competitive (Women's Artistic Gymnastics)

2018 Ontario Provincial Championships

Nur - Gold AA and FX and Silver BB

2016 Ontario Provincial Championships

Lili - Gold VT and UB

Camryn - Gold BB and AA

2013 - 2015 Ontario Provincial Championships

Meghan - Silver VT (2013) and Bronze VT (2014 / 2015)

2012 Ontario Provincial Championships

Emily - Gold FX & Silver UB

Meghan - Silver VT

Competitive (W.A.G.)

Competitive Acrobatics (2X / Week)

Olympia's 2017 Ontario Provincial and Canadian

National Cup Acrobatic Champions!

Olympia's 2016 Ontario Provincial and Canadian

National Cup Acrobatic Champions!

Team Philosophy

The competitive team programs will allow gymnasts to fully develop their physical abilities and their proficiency in gymnastics. In addition, gymnasts learn the value of hard work, how to organize their time, the importance of setting goals, how to deal with frustration, success and failure. These are skills that will help them in school, careers and life in general. The physical skills-strength, flexibility, agility-learned in gymnastics will carry over to any sport these gymnasts may later choose to pursue.

Competition is not for everybody. Some thrive in a competitive environment, others do not. Some are ready at their present or level of maturity; others will need more time or may never prosper in a competitive environment

Our competitive programs require a considerable time and effort commitment. These programs are all-year-round commitments and require summer training as well.

The competitive programs are by invitation only. Unlike our recreational programs where gymnasts may sign up at any time, space and ability concerns limit the number of girls we can accept on the teams each year.